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Build a better business empire with the new age of digital transformation. The new era of digital transformation has a different level of advantage with the evolution of Artificial Intelligence.
In this blog post, we’ll explore offshore outsourcing about Euphoric Thought Technologies, what EDC is, and why Euphoric is the right fit for your tech needs.

What is Offshore Outsourcing?

Offshore software development is a business process outsourcing method where a company outsources some or all of its software development to developers located in another country.

For this, companies either hire individual consultants, freelancers, or an entire development team through a dedicated company. Offshore software development companies typically have teams of software engineers and developers that can serve as an extension of a business.

Whether for a specific project or on an ongoing basis, offshore software development is an efficient way to quickly scale without the need to hire and train employees.

This strategy allows companies to tap into global talent pools, reduce costs, and focus on their core competencies. Offshoring has evolved from primarily focusing on production assembly tasks to now encompassing customer service, sales, and IT solutions.

Small and medium-sized companies can benefit greatly from offshoring, enabling them to reduce operational costs, overcome local talent shortages, and scale their operations efficiently.

About Euphoric Thought Technologies:

Euphoric Thought Technologies is an offshore outsourcing company based out of India. It also has a presence in the United States. Euphoric has been supporting clients worldwide with its capabilities in Product Engineering, Application Development, DevOps, Cloud Consulting, Data Engineering, etc.

Euphoric is flexible in engagement models. It has experience working on fixed bid projects, Time and Material basis, Extended development team models, etc. Clients also get to work with developers directly on the augmentation model. With over 100+ in team size and skills including Java, C#, Python, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Nodejs, and PHP programming languages. Moreover, they offer mobile development for iOS, Android, and cross-platform frameworks like React Native and Flutter.

Euphoric’s commitment to its team members, and clients, and its comprehensive software development services make it a top choice for clients for its offshore outsourcing in India.

What is Extended Development Center ( EDC)?

In the Extended Development Center (EDC) model Euphoric on-boards and manages a group of talented technology professionals handpicked to meet its clients’ specific business objectives. The team works as an extension of the onsite team and is tightly integrated into the development workflow and process.

Euphoric will set up a dedicated development team for each of its clients. This development team will be set up in its offshore delivery center based in India. The key advantages of this model are mentioned below:

 Dedicated resources are allocated to the customer. Each member is handpicked and selected based on the developer’s experience in the industry and the technology.
 Euphoric will own responsibility for quality, delivery, project management, and communication.
 Program Management, governance, and operating processes will be defined in collaboration with the customer. Under this model, a solid partnership is built where the customer has complete visibility into the engineering operations on a day-to-day basis, especially in an Agile development environment.
 Combination of onsite and offsite resources to achieve a lower blended rate.
 Matured processes, transparent milestones, increased predictability of deliverables, and control over the solution development process.
 Influence over staffing decisions, objectives, and timelines.

The EDC model is best suited for long-term partnerships for significant ongoing development and maintenance work. Clients retain the knowledge base and manage the EDC team’s objectives and timelines.

Euphoric – An offshore outsourcing company in India:

Partnering with Euphoric for your offshore outsourcing needs offers numerous benefits that address common challenges associated with offshoring. 

First and foremost Euphoric has a very good talent pool available. The ramp-up time for any tech is the shortest time.

The cost-effective rates per hour or rates per developer per month make Euphoric an attractive choice for businesses looking to scale their development teams.

Euphoric will have development managers, tech leads, tech specialists, architects, etc who will help the team when needed. This level of support ensures that the offshore team is well-equipped to handle the project requirements and that any challenges are addressed promptly.

This commitment to protecting sensitive information provides clients peace of mind when working with an offshore partner. Every team member will sign an NDA to ensure that the client’s IP and code will be secured and maintained religiously.

Partnering with Euphoric for Offshore development offers access to top talent, cost-effective solutions, comprehensive support, and a strong focus on security and intellectual property protection.

By leveraging staff augmentation, you can build a dedicated team of developers who work seamlessly with your in-house staff, ensuring project success and long-term growth.