Managed Services

Managed Services

Uninterrupted support for clients, anytime & anywhere.

Augment Your Software Development Team With Our DevOps Automation and Expertise

Unlock the innovative spirit of your IT team by leveraging our tested DevOps best practices and DevOps experts. Our proprietary methodologies have evolved over years of on-field work and cover the entire range of DevOps services – from infrastructure architecture to setting up DevOps processes and maintaining operations.

We aim to help you build, implement, and maintain a streamlined DevOps environment that will help you create better products – faster and more affordably.

Our DevOps Managed Services Encompasses

DevOps Assessment

A critical part of our portfolio, our assessment services, audits your entire existing infrastructure, current development practices, and pipelines. We identify gaps, redundancies, and recommend rectifications.

DevOps Consulting

Based on our assessments, our experts chart a detailed roadmap for your organization’s DevOps needs. We provide solutions for your business challenges and ensure that your in-house team has the support and guidance it needs to implement them.

DevOps Automation

We identify areas and parts of your product flow that could benefit from automation and design and deploy the right type of automation there. We use a variety of open source & licensed tools to minimize mundane, repetitive tasks, and streamline your workflow.

DevOps Management

Once your delivery pipeline is set-up and automated, we also help you monitor, manage, and maintain its processes. Our day-to-day management includes everything from release management and replica environment to continuous deployment and constant performance optimization.