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QA & Test Engineering

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Elevating Your Product Development with Comprehensive QA & Test Engineering

Quality Assurance as a Service is a crucial component of Euphoric’s offerings, relied upon by numerous customers for their complete product development and DevOps endeavor’s. Our extensive testing capabilities have earned us the trust of businesses from various industries, who seek our services as their offshore testing partner. Whether it’s building an entirely new team of testers or enhancing their existing team of QA experts, we provide comprehensive support for all their testing needs. We understand the importance of quality assurance in ensuring product success. Our testing process is thorough and covers every aspect of the product, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Quality Assurance Consulting

Accelerate Your Product Success With Our Quality Assurance Consulting

Review & Audit
Review & Audit

Starting with a thorough analysis of the software, we engage with key stakeholders, identify potential weaknesses, and establish key performance metrics and goals for successful testing.

Methodology Tools
Methodology Tools

At Euphoric, we assess software, identify weak spots, set testing goals, determine testing processes and align QA methods to ensure a thorough and successful QA process.

Roadmap & Implementation
Roadmap & Implementation

Our QA process concludes by presenting a comprehensive testing strategy and outlining a roadmap for quality assurance. The requirements traceability matrix is finalized and all deliverables are planned and scheduled.

Our Testing

Explore Our Comprehensive Testing Solutions


Web Apps

When evaluating web applications, our focus is to guarantee the seamless functioning of both frontend and backend components, smooth performance, and impenetrable data security.


Mobile Apps

Our primary focus when testing mobile applications is to confirm cross-device usability, network connectivity, and resilience under stress and heavy loads.


Desktop Apps

We audit your software’s compatibility with operating systems, the data integrity, and its stability under critical conditions.


Cloud Software

Regardless of the cloud deployment model, we swiftly identify potential bottlenecks and weak spots and provide tailored improvement recommendations.

Our Software Testing offerings

Delivering Quality Through Rigorous Testing

Test Automation

At every stage of your development cycle, our team can automate the monitoring and control of your testing needs, guaranteeing the consistent quality. This involves recognizing the required testing methods to address all aspects of the system and gauging the coverage of each test. By dealing with the particulars, testers can focus on designing efficient tests instead of becoming overwhelmed with overseeing the testing process.

Manual Testing

Automated testing can accelerate the process, but it cannot replace manual testing. Our proficient manual testers have expertise in devising systematic test plans that encompass all conceivable user journeys in your product. This facilitates the identification of glitches in the user interface and usability issues that may have been disregarded by pre-designed automated tests, which have restricted opportunities for exploratory testing.

API Testing

While automated testing can speed up the process, it cannot serve as a substitute for manual testing. Our skilled manual testers possess the knowledge and experience to create structured test plans that cover all possible user journeys in your product. This helps to detect user interface bugs and usability problems that may have been overlooked by pre-programmed automated tests, which offer limited scope for exploratory testing.

Usability Testing

To ensure that your user groups are well-represented, our usability team devises an all-encompassing testing approach and handpicks participants. This allows us to evaluate if users can complete key tasks in your application and how long it takes them to do so. The primary aim is to collect both quantitative and qualitative data to determine the essential improvements needed to enhance user satisfaction and performance, and also to detect any issues at an early stage in the testing process.

Performance Testing

Evaluate the stability, scalability, and reliability of your applications to ascertain their ability to manage expected peak loads and detect potential failure points. By optimizing your applications in advance, you can prevent future issues from arising.

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