Cloud Migration

Get your business on the cloud with our no-risk migration services

If you haven’t yet moved to the cloud, then we are sure you are considering it – after all, there is no other way to stay competitive in the current cloud-first business world. The biggest challenge here is to arrive at the right cloud strategy AND to make your move in an organized and disruption-free manner.

At Euphoric Thought, we follow a highly structured, phase-wise migration approach that is based on a detailed assessment of your business operations and needs. Our solutions are designed to mitigate risks and maximize performance. We ensure you hit the ground running on your first day on the cloud.

Assessment and Strategy

The first step of your migration journey starts with defining what your business needs and expects from the cloud. We conduct a complete evaluation of your IT infrastructure and map it to your business goals and the latest industry best practices. With this, we devise a bespoke migration strategy and roadmap that will get you to the business outcomes you desire.

Platform-agnostic Migration Services

Whether you want to put your applications on the public cloud, keep it on-premise or opt for a hybrid cloud strategy, our cloud migrations experts will be able to deliver a smooth lift-and-shift of your infrastructure. Our cloud engineers have hands-on experience with all major platforms – AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google cloud, and more – so you can rest assured that migration to your favored platform will be completely seamless.

Training and Management

After we have you up and running, we will continue to monitor and optimize your cloud applications to ensure you get the best value for your investment. We will also train your in-house IT staff so that they can take over once we leave.

We are a leading migration partner with the three leading public cloud vendors

If you’re moving to the cloud for the first time, we’ll help you determine which of the leading cloud providers is right for each of your use cases.