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The client was not able to understand the gaps that the engineers were facing during the configuration of the APM tool with any application to identify the application’s performance bottleneck.


Euphoric’s team of DevOps engineers and Cloud experts ran through deployment and testing of the multiple applications of different tech stacks like Java agent, Python agent, Node agent etc, to understand the complete workflow from configuring the application with the tool to code level analysis of any applications that are highly distributed.


The client gained a complete understanding of all the flaws that existed in configuring their APM tool with any custom application of different technologies.

Euphoric’s team suggested the client with a better user interface which makes it easier for anyone to understand the complete topology and issues related to any application of different technology with just a few clicks. The team also came up with multiple custom scripts to make the instrumentation easier.

This approach helped the client’s internal technical team to release a newer version of the APM tool with all the changes suggested.