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The client was initiating a significant digital transformation initiative to facilitate their growth aspirations. Additionally, they were constructing a platform that prioritizes the establishment of a sustainable and profitable digital business model. The client was in need of a proactive 24*7 monitoring & management of their cloud infrastructure along with a comprehensive visualization dashboard.



Euphoric conducted a thorough study of the environment and defined the processes, workflows, and responsibilities. The solution provided them 24/7 monitoring of AWS infrastructure. Euphoric set up a team of cloud experts who proactively monitored the cloud components, set up auto alerts and notifications to monitor threshold violations, troubleshooting and investigating the root cause analysis, bottleneck identification and solutions.



The solution provided by Euphoric facilitated a hassle-free proactive monitoring system. The daily reports from the Euphoric team helped the client with actionable insights and also aided them to understand the usage of various AWS services.

The benefits were numerous and some of them are given below:

  • High Availability.
  • Detailed view of AWS spend and reports helped the client to cut the costs.
  • Zero Downtime. System to handle unpredictable traffic volumes.
  • System to handle unpredictable traffic volumes.