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The client approached Euphoric to build a workflow management tool that manages the transactions that they receive on a daily basis. The main challenge that they were facing was processing enormous volumes of transactions daily and maintaining meticulous records of each and every transaction at a granular level.


To address these issues, the Euphoric’s Team chose to create the BPA Workflow Management Tool, a totally decoupled online application.

Euphoric’s Team leveraged the capabilities of RabbitMQ to meet the requirement of processing a huge amount of input messages that contain transactional information by integrating it with the client’s external application. The technology ensured reliable and accurate message queuing and communication between the different systems. RabbitMQ enabled the team to handle a larger volume of messages and ensure that all data was processed accurately, even during high traffic.

Euphoric’s Team also sends the daily reports to the client to keep track of the massive volume of transactions received on a daily basis, as well as to its clients, which contain each transaction’s information at a granular level.

The team made use of SignalR’s capabilities to deliver real-time notifications to users’ inboxes. Application authentication, authorisation, and personalised authentication emails were all done using AWS Cognito and Lambda.


The BPA Workflow Management Tool helped the client achieve the following benefits:

  • Real Time Dashboards- They assist our client in updating their customers on the transactions they have received.
  • Reporting Functionality- It helps the client keep track of each transaction.
  • Reduced Cost- The solution assisted in accelerating the entire process, which saved time and ultimately helped to lower overall operational expenses.

Overall, the BPA Workflow Management Tool assisted the client in streamlining their processes and raising the calibre of their services, both of which improved client satisfaction.