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The client’s key issue was monitoring, assessing, and troubleshooting system behaviours and performance. System availability and user experience were being significantly impacted by the lack of visibility, which was delaying the identification and resolution of problems.

Euphoric implemented a comprehensive strategy for centralized monitoring of multiple Kubernetes clusters across AWS accounts using Prometheus, Alert Manager, and Grafana. Prometheus was used to manage metrics from clusters, while Grafana was used for creating dashboards to display performance and resources. The system restricted access to sensitive environments, while the Alert manager centralized Prometheus data and provided centralized alert rules for DevOps teams to address issues in different Kubernetes clusters.

Centralized monitoring dramatically improved the client’s operational visibility across their AWS EKS clusters. This gave their teams the ability to proactively identify and troubleshoot potential issues, leading to increased system reliability and availability. It also provided valuable insights into system performance and user behaviour, enabling informed decision-making and optimization efforts.