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The main challenge that the client was facing is to add multiple sales people and agents into the current ERP. Managing multiple third party tools were expensive and time consuming. The client was in need of a robust system under a single console to manage all the sales and operations, which needs to interact with Microsoft Navision.



Euphoric built a custom cloud based solution which will be under a single console which can be used to manage sales and place real time sales order based on the inventory data which is pulled from Microsoft Navision.

The customized dashboard which interacts with Navision has a rich user interface that aggregates the relevant data with insightful visualization.



The client got a real time solution that aided them to reduce the overall costs and acquire the necessary features to meet the requirements of the business.

The reliable indent management system assisted them in tracking, managing and fulfilling the requests for inventory, procurement etc.

They were able to get the real time insights on data and metrics which eventually benefited them in improving decision making, increasing efficiency and driving growth and innovation.