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Monolithic vs Microservices Architecture- Which ones the best..?

When developing an application we need to start with a modular architecture which consists of the following.

  • Presentation Layer which is responsible for handling HTTP requests and responding with HTML or JSON/XML
  • Business Layer which will be the applications business logic
  • Database layer which is responsible for accessing the database
  • Integration with the application which can be REST API or other services.

There are various pros and cons for Monolithic and micro services architecture which are listed below


Benefits of Monolithic Architecture

  • Simpler development and deployment
  • Fewer cross-cutting concerns
  • Better performance

Cons of Monolithic Architecture

  • Codebase gets cumbersome over time
  • Difficult to adopt new technologies
  • Limited agility

Benefits of Microservices Architecture

  • Easy to develop, test, and deploy
  • Increased agility
  • Ability to scale horizontally

Cons of Microservices Architecture

  • Complexity
  • Security concerns
  • Different programming languages

The Conclusion

The Monolithic model works great in some cases. Monolithic software architecture is advisable and is beneficial if your team is at the startup stage, you’re building a product that is yet to be proven, and you have no experience with microservices, a simple and lighter application. Monolithic is perfect for startups that need to get a product up and running as soon as possible. However, certain issues mentioned above come with the monolithic package.

Microservices are good, but not for all types of apps. This pattern works great for complex and highly distributed applications that are developed by an experienced team. Consider choosing a Microservices architecture when you have a strong team and when the app is complex enough to break into services. When an application is large and needs to be flexible and scalable, microservices are beneficial.

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