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The Client offers solar PV modules and solar power solutions tailor-made for its customers’ requirements. They were facing challenges in managing their workforce due to the absence of an end-to-end integrated system for all user roles in the solar panel installation process.

The client wanted us to develop a mobile and a web app to improve the productivity of its workforce.


To overcome these challenges, Euphoric’s Team decided to build an integrated end-to-end system for all user roles for seamless working of the entire workforce. The mobile version of the app communicates with the web version that manages the workforce in terms of assigning roles
and managing customer meetings.

To meet the requirement of creating a web app that is going to act as an admin portal, the Euphoric Team leveraged the capabilities of the React JS framework, integrating with the mobile app version, the technology was flexible enough to use many packages that helped to decrease the workload and make the process more efficient. The framework also helped in seamless code reusability due to its component-based architecture. For the mobile version of the app, the React Native framework was used.

To make the web app look modern, Euphoric Team used a UI library called ‘Chakra UI’ that helped to create consistent and visually appealing user interfaces with minimal effort. For API integration, Redux Toolkit was used which helped in reducing the amount of boilerplate code.


The benefits that the client achieved are as follows:

  • Real-time dashboard for all user roles that helped users to know their standings/ranks across all offices.
  • Holiday management for users to correctly assign the created appointments.
  • Improved workforce productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Admin Portal to manage all the meetings and users.
  • Real-Time Notifications to Admins to track and manage the process activities.
  • Reduced cost: The solution assisted in accelerating the entire solar installation process, which saved time and lowered operational expenses as well.
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